Bluegrass Barre offers a unique workout class that combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates to strengthen, stretch, and help gain balance. Classes will utilize a technique that primarily involves small isometric movements to shape and sculpt the muscles of the arms, legs, seat, and abs. Each set of exercises is followed by a series of stretches which will result in long and lean muscles.

Bluegrass Barre welcomes both men and women, ages 14 and up. Each move preformed in class can be modified for people who have injuries or who find the position to be too difficult. Bluegrass Barre can be your primary fitness program, or a supplement to an existing program. All movements are low impact, easy on the joints, challenging, and help to improve posture and balance. When barre is preformed consistently, muscles will become toned and lifted, and overall energy and metabolic levels will improve.

Bluegrass Barre's mission is to provide a 55 minute class that offers our clients a quick and effective way to transform their bodies. Clients are expected to notice physical changes after just ten consecutive classes. We hope to see you at the barre to SHAKE.BUILD.TONE.