what should I expect from my first Bluegrass Barre experience?

            You should expect a total body workout from your head all the way down to your socks. You will be working all your muscles to fatigue, or until shaking, in each and every class. Don't be frightened by the shaking you will experience, it is a wonderful thing the shows that you are pushing your muscles and yourself as far as you possibly can. You will be pushed throughout the entire 55 minute class, but once class is over you will be proud of yourself for completing the challenge. Remember you have to challenge yourself to change!

what should I wear?

Workout clothes! You will be getting sweaty! Tight yoga pants or leggings, and a tank or a t-shirt, anything you can move in! Come comfortable and ready to workout! We also recommend you to wear grippy socks, we have them for sale in the studio.

what if I can't do the exercise?

If you are injured, pregnant, or simply having a hard time with an exercise please feel free to ask any of the staff for a modification, or to simply review the pose with you before or after class. We are here to serve and to ensure that you get the most out of every move, so please let us know if there is anything that is difficult for your body, or simply doesn't feel right.

should I bring a yoga mat or equipment?

Bluegrass Barre provides all yoga mats and equipment that is required for the workout!

How often should I do barre?

As often as you please. Classes will be offered all day! Come four or five times a week and make it your primary workout. We would love to see you as often as possible! Maybe even twice in one day?!!?